Thursday, May 26, 2011


2.6.40 development is on, and it's nice to see that it will include a number of MMC subsystem patches that I have written. It feels good to make a little difference.
Andrei Warkentin (17):
     mmc: Reliable write support.
     mmc: quirks: Extends card quirks with MMC/SD quirks matching the CID.
     mmc: core: Rename erase_timeout to cmd_timeout_ms.
     mmc: sdhci: R1B command handling + MMC_CAP_ERASE.
     mmc: core: Allow setting CMD timeout for CMD6 (SWITCH).
     mmc: card: block.c cleanup for host claim/release.
     mmc: MMC boot partitions support.
     mmc: quirks: Support for block quirks.
     mmc: quirks: Fix erase/trim for certain SanDisk cards.
     mmc: core: Fix use of uninitialized data in mmc_cmd_app.
     mmc: Ensure hardware partitions don't mess with mmcblk device naming.
     mmc: quirks: Add/remove quirks conditional support.
     mmc: core: Use CMD23 for multiblock transfers when we can.
     mmc: sdhci: Implement MMC_CAP_CMD23 for SDHCI.
     mmc: core: Block CMD23 support for UHS104/SDXC cards.
     mmc: sdhci: Auto-CMD23 support.
     mmc: sdhci: Auto-CMD23 fixes.
Overview, in no particular order:
  • General refactoring of MMC block code.
  • MMC block device hardware partition support, in particular implementing support for eMMC 4.3 hardware partitions. eSD partitions still not implemented due to lack of documentation in simplified spec.
  • Due to the high potential of bricking a device, "unsafe" partitions like the boot partitions are marked read-only by default, and can be modified only after modifying the 'force_ro' sysfs parameter.
  • Changes to the per-card quirks mechanism, which extends matching by CID/name/rev, and allows function-specific quirks tables, so block quirks don't have to pollute core/ code.
  • Support for Sandisk eMMC TRIM/ERASE brain damage.
  • Proper handling of R1B commands (allowing per-command timeouts).
  • Support for CMD23-enabled multiblock transfers, which greatly (30% realistic) improves performance of some cards. Some cards have a slight decrease (unexplained by vendor), and so are blacklisted.
  • SDHCI implementation of CMD23 support.
  • SDHCI Auto-CMD23 support.
  • Support for reliable writes. Exposed as REQ_FUA/REQ_META requests, which some people may find inappropriate, but there isn't a better match and I've yet to see better suggestions (more on this in a later post).

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