Friday, May 6, 2011


For anyone interested in the GSoC project status:
- We can boot the 32-bit and the 64-bit OVMF image now inside an HVM domain instead of BIOS
- We end up crashing the HVM domain during PCI bus enumeration (qemu-dm crash?), which is what the student is now investigating...

Xen changes so far included refactoring changes inside hvmloader, adding a new bios_config structure for OVMF images, ensuring that guest physical memory under 4GB is backed with pages, as well as moving out Xen structures from below 4GB where they would collide with the firmware. The hvmloader/bios xenstore key was exposed to xend/xm (hvmbios parameter, values can be rombios, ovmf32 and ovmf64), to faciliate easier testing. Some thought still needs to be put into libxl (xend replacement) changes.
In general OVMF/Xen patches for Xen and TianoCore will be at

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