Monday, May 16, 2011


Here is the latest from Xen UEFI land:
  • We can boot to UEFI Shell, finally. The hurdles were -
    • Different PCI I/O range compared to Qemu, this resulted in a domain crash when an emulated I/O device tried to register for already registered ports. Boo.
    • ACPI timer block hardcoded by Xen at I/O 0xB000. Yes, modifying the "special BAR" has no effect, so UEFI TimerLib code needs to be careful in configuring the timer... if the PCI registers already look configured - use selected values. They are now set once in hvmloader.
    • 8259 PIC ExtInt routing needed to be enabled in APIC inside hvmloader, because TianoCore has no APIC support.
  • Started making OvmfPkg Xen aware. This was necessarily for at least registering the right I/O ranges. Now, the hypercall pages are populated and a GUIDed HOB containing Xen hypervisor info is published. This will be consumed by the hypervisor DXE.
I see the overall layering as being something like -
  • Hypervisor driver - consumes HOB, publishes the EFI_XEN_HYPERCALL_PROTOCOL.
  • XenTables driver - exposes Xen ACPI and SMBIOS tables, which were built into hvmloader.
  • XenBus driver - consumes Hypervisor driver, creates child nodes for virtual I/O devices, publishes EFI_XEN_BUS_PROTOCOL.
  • XenStore driver - exercises XenBus interface, allows SIMPLE_FILE_IO_PROTOCOL access to XenStore nodes.
  • Blockfront, Netfront, Fbfront drivers for block, network and video, respectively.
Latest patches as usual at

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