Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quick update.

I've been very busy recently with my move to Boston, MA, hence the lack of new content. I have now joined the ranks of VMware employees. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have the time to blog about all the interesting things I've stumbled upon and done since my last update :-).

I've been setting up my new personal laptop with Arch Linux, and after migrating my .emacs over
took a look what was in my emacs backups directory. Wow! There is some pretty interesting stuff...from end of High School all the way through college and beyond:
- RM16->PM32 start code for my Bochs32 EDK1 TianoCore port.
- A cassette basic loader and cassette-over-serial ROM emulation for running the MS ROM BASIC in Bochs.
- ELF loader development.
- Beginnings of an RO UEFI NTFS driver.
- Various files from my kernel projects, including ppc7xxx support.
- Various PowerPC and OpenFirmware os-dev related files.
- NES emulator UIC SIGGAME project files.
- LaTeXed homework assignments, scholarship papers, Haskell sources, shell, compilers, etc.
- ZINN Is Not Notes notesfiles replacement from IMSA.

This is exactly why I should convert my entire home directory into a git repo :-).

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