Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not such a long way.

Framebuffer support is in, which means that finally, I can almost ditch the serial cable for a lot of work. It also means you don't need a special Xoom (or potentially - some other Tegra2 device) with a serial port. Retail Xoom owners can now proudly do...ummm...something. Not a whole lot, yet ;-(.

Found a page fault abort within __divdi3, but couldn't really debug it since the DABT handler (or should I say - the CPU context save code) is woefully broken. So before I can figure out what's wrong with __divdi3, I need to fix the trap handlers.

But wait, Andrei, how could you have the timer working then??? The IRQ path is completely different (as is the CPU context structure manipulated). Why? No clue... Won't be when I'm done with it ;-).

Btw, ARMv8 will support a division instruction. Until then, I'll have an excuse to read Knuth.


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