Sunday, September 30, 2012

DABT/PABT handling.

Figured out why at least kernel panic handling of DABT/PABT cases was yielding garbage. Going to rewrite the handlers to use the existing SAVE_CONTEXT and RESTORE_CONTEXT. Jury still out on whether the VM trap handling really has to happen the way it is currently, but the code can surely be simplified.

In an unrelated project, investigating lost event upcalls in an x64 PV OS. It's very aggravating that the PV interface is not documented in a fashion that doesn't necessitate combing through sources to find out the call stack layout and the contract between the hypervisor and PV OS. For x86-32 at least there was a book. I shouldn't need to spend a week studying the x64 hypervisor to figure out how to write a PV OS for it.

Here's hoping I do a better job with xen3-arm-tegra.


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