Sunday, May 8, 2016

Easy creation of proxy DLL pragmas

Converting dumpbin DLL exports information to MSVC linker pragmas

Yes, a bit of a weird request. But imagine you want to create a dummy DLL that forwards all the existing symbols of another DLL. Of course you're not going to do it by hand.

You have dumpbin output that looks like:

And you want:

I'm not an awk expert, but this works, except the dumpbin I ran on WIndows and awk I ran on OS X, hahah. But you get the gist...
dumpbin /exports C:\winnt\system32\ntdll.dll |
awk 'NR > 19 && $3 != "" { printf "#pragma comment(linker, \"/export:%s=ntdll.%s\")\n", $3, $3 }'
Might have to tweak number of lines to skip, depending on your tools. I'm on MSVC 4.0 (hello '90s!).

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