Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Getting PowerPC OpenBIOS to run on QEMU

  • You've apt-get installed qemu, but qemu-system-ppc boots to a blank (white or black) screen?
  • You've pulled the OpenBIOS SVN, built qemu-openbios.elf, but it boots to a blank screen?
On serial output, you might see "<< set_property: NULL phandle" messages, and the CPU is stuck in a perpetual ISI.

Have no fear. Apparently GCC versions > 4.6 miscompile OpenBIOS, so you need to disable optimization. This is presently set to "-Os" under "". Setting it t "-O0" should do.

I'll probably investigate this deeper after fixing partition-zero booting...


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  1. My deep admiration for this post. It gave an otherwise wasted afternoon a surprising turn! In other words: This bug is alive and kicking!